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Our Firm

We are proud entrepreneurs who have above all, built and maintained an impeccable reputation in the Canadian fixed income markets.​ We have distinguished ourselves from our peers as being privately-owned with many of our professionals as shareholders.

We have grown organically since our inception. We are almost exclusively focused on the fixed-income market and aim to grow within this sphere of activity.

Our Values


Ethics represent a great deal more than a legal or moral concern. It transposes into a conviction which is at the very foundation of our philosophy and identity.


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Because after all, we are working for our clients: they are the reason we even exist.

The Client Is Always First

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A Project Beneficial To All

We are above all rewarded by our clients’ recognition of our efforts, our reputation, and the pride they fill us with. We strongly believe that by respecting the three previous rules, and by staying true to our vision, that all parties will come out winners: clients, employees and company shareholders.


Team Work

The Company has a strong culture of team-work, that transpires on the daily operations, and on the organizational structure. Through the development of an open and centralized workspace environment, with as little formal chain of command as possible, we stimulate a collaborative system that is both dynamic and unconventionnal. Even if the business is divided into specific functions, the various teams constantly collaborate. Everyone is encouraged to participate on a broader level, to more than their respective tasks. The synergistic expertise of all of our seasoned professionnals  represents Casgrain’s biggest asset.

Our Firm

Rugby Players


Casgrain is the only Canadian privately-owned investment dealer that is a Primary Dealer of the Bank of Canada and as such, participates in all of the federal government’s bond auctions. A “brand” name in Canada’s fixed income landscape, Casgrain's market presence and strategic thinking has helped the firm establish long-term relationships with institutional investors, as well as provincial, municipal, and corporate debt issuers.



Since its inception in 1947, Casgrain has consistently grown its business by offering innovative fixed-income products and services, enhancing institutional investor coverage, and participating in a growing number of debt underwriting syndicates. The ability to grow our business through difficult market cycles demonstrates our understanding of the Canadian bond market and highlights the role we play as the largest Canadian-owned independent fixed income investment dealer in Canada. With a focus on creating value for its clients, Casgrain prospers. 

Co Workers


Casgrain has established an impeccable track record over the past 70 years in the Canadian capital markets, as demonstrated by the firm’s longevity, inclusion in multiple underwriting syndicates and established relationships with institutional investors and Canadian issuers. The Casgrain team boasts a valuable, in-depth knowledge of the markets and the debt instruments that are part of its coverage universe. Our clients benefit from our expertise in an environment of shared information, allowing them to better understand important issues with respect to specific securities.

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Most firms in the Canadian fixed income market are vertically integrated. Unlike many bank-owned dealers, Casgrain is not part of a financial institution with many competing interests. As one of the few independent investment dealers, Casgrain is known for its objectivity, its sense of ethics and the pertinence of its advice. By including Casgrain today as one of your partners, you have a strong alternative to bank-owned investment dealers.



At Casgrain, ethics represent a great deal more than a legal or moral concern. It transposes into a conviction which is at the very foundation of our philosophy and identity.  Our integrity, reputation, and high ethical standards reassure issuers and institutional investors that the services Casgrain provides are of the highest quality. We have always been in good standing order with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and all provincial regulators, and throughout the history of the firm, Casgrain has built and maintained an excellent reputation. We are proud to uphold a very strong code of ethics that underpins the core of what we stand for.

Analysing the Data


Over time, we have developed strong relationships with some of the largest issuers and institutional investors throughout Canada, and we have cultivated a niche market with small, medium and large size investors.

Casgrain has the ability to distribute issuers’ bonds across Canada and the US, the latter through its wholly-owned subsidiary Casgrain & Company (USA) Limited, and to support the bonds in the secondary market. This increased liquidity and transparency can help reduce an issuer’s borrowing costs in future debt financings and ensures that institutional investors are satisfied.

Founded in 1947 by
Rodolphe B. Casgrain

After working in institutional fixed income sales for 11 years with another firm, Rodolphe (Rudy) Casgrain had acquired a solid reputation in financial circles and his opinion was actively sought. On November 3rd 1947, at the age of 30, he founded Casgrain & Company Limited, an investment dealer with its office in Montreal's financial district.

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Mr. Casgrain was involved in his community as President of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Desjardins Caisse Populaire (1972-1983), and was a member of several boards of directors: Prudential Insurance of England (Canadian subsidiary), Canada Development Corporation, the Provincial Bank of Canada, the Montreal Exchange and the Investment Dealers Association of Canada.

Documents and Blurred Business Men

Following a corporate restructuring in 1985, which saw a transfer of ownership to his three sons, Mr. Casgrain remained active as Chairman, a close advisor and mentor. In the mid-nineties, Casgrain became the largest Canadian privately-owned independent investment dealer that specializes in fixed income. The firm has held this position ever since. 



Bussinessman in Modern Office

In 2017, Casgrain celebrates 70 years of success from its modest beginnings on St-James Street in Montreal. 



In 1988, the Investment Dealers Association of Canada (Quebec District) awarded Rodolphe Casgrain its first Career A+ Award for the excellence he demonstrated throughout his career (article enclosed). 


In 2013, Rudy Casgrain was recognized as one of the eight initial inductees to the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) Hall of Fame. The IIAC Hall of Fame serves to honor excellence, integrity and leadership in Canada's investment industry. 


Recognition of Rodolphe Casgrain's contribution to the Industry




Casgrain & Company Limited  is founded by Rodolphe B. Casgrain.

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A Fixed Income Specialist Since 1947


Our Team

Casgrain's success can be attributed to the talent and professionalism of its entire team. Although specific individuals may be dedicated to each client, Casgrain’s philosophy is team-based. The combined expertise of its professionals is the firm’s driving force.

Casgrain's sales team, traders and government & corporate finance professionals, are encouraged to pursue the CFA designation as well as graduate degrees such as an MBA, a MSc., and even a Ph.D.

Our Firm


Desert Road

The average number of years worked at Casgrain was in 2016 greater than 15 years. This illustrates commitment and continuity.


Our Firm

Go Team

Our entire team is located in a single head-office in Montreal, making members easily accessible and ensuring continuity of client coverage. The atmosphere created by having one central office promotes an environment that encourages open communication and allows the team to present a well-rounded view, without regional barriers. From this office, Casgrain services its clients across Canada, and parts of the US through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Casgrain & Company (USA) Limited.


Our Firm

Industry Involvement

The firm’s valuable, extensive experience in the fixed income industry has resulted in some of our professionals joining different committees: including those of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC).

  • Fixed Income Committee;

  • Financial Administrators Section; (Primary Member);

  • Financial Administrators Section; (Capital Formula Sub-Committee);

  • Compliance & Legal Section.

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) - Regulatory Association

  • Capital Markets Committee;

  • Market Trade Reporting System (MTRS) Working Group (part of the Debt; Markets Committee);

  • Anti-Money Laundering Committee;

  • Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group;

  • Repo Funding Committee.

Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) - Trade Association

  • IIROC;

  • CanPx;

  • Canadian Investor Protection; Fund (CPIF).

Previous Involvement (Board of Directors & Board Committees):

The Investment Industry
Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC)

  • Internal Operations Committee.

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada - Québec Section


  • Advisory Committee.

  • Member

Canadian Fixed-Income Forum - (CFIF)

FTSE TMX Bond Indices

  • Advisory Panel.

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The combined expertise of its professionals is the firm's driving force

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