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About Us

Canadian largest independent-owned investment dealer

Retour story

Our Story
From 1947 to Today

After working in institutional fixed income sales for 11 years with another firm, Rodolphe (Rudy) Casgrain had acquired a solid reputation in financial circles and his opinion was actively sought. On November 3rd 1947, at the age of 30, he founded Casgrain & Company Limited, an investment dealer with its office in Montreal's financial district.

Our Firm

We are proud entrepreneurs who have above all, built and maintained an impeccable reputation in the Canadian fixed income markets.​

We have distinguished ourselves from our peers as being privately-owned with many of our professionals as shareholders.​ We have grown organically since our inception. We are almost exclusively focused on the fixed-income market and aim to grow within this sphere of activity.

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Recognition of Rodolphe Casgrain's contribution to the Industry

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Our Team is built

Casgrain's success can be attributed to the talent and professionalism of its

entire team. Although specific individuals may be dedicated to each client,

Casgrain’s philosophy is team-based. The combined expertise of its

professionals is the firm’s driving force.

The atmosphere created by having one central office promotes an environment that encourages open communication and allows the team to present a well-rounded view, without regional barriers. From this office, Casgrain services its clients across Canada, and parts of the US through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Casgrain & Company (USA) Limited.

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Our involvement 
in the

The firm’s valuable, extensive experience in the fixed income industry has resulted in some of our professionals joining different committees

  • Fixed Income Committee;

  • Financial Administrators Section; (Primary Member);

  • Financial Administrators Section; (Capital Formula Sub-Committee);

  • Compliance & Legal Section.

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