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Legal Status
Casgrain & Company Limited (Casgrain), a corporation incorporated under the Canada Business Corporation Act, having its head office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a broker-dealer registered with the Securities Commissions of the ten provinces of Canada and is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and of the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC).

Purpose of this Website
Website was established for informational purposes only for the convenience of investors in general and our customers in particular, in order to supply them with information on our firm, on financial products and services offered at Casgrain and on financial markets in general.

Financial information contained in this Website does not constitute in any whatsoever kind legal, accounting or tax advice.

Security in Web communications
Because of the nature of the World Wide Web, Casgrain does not guarantee the confidentiality nor the authenticity of any communication received on or sent over this Website.

The user should be aware that any confidential or sensitive information transmitted to Casgrain via internet or received from Casgrain via internet may be read and copied by unauthorized individuals.

Information on this Website regarding securities and financial products and services, is intended only for investors from the jurisdictions where Casgrain is allowed to lawfully offer these financial products and services.

Casgrain's commercial activities
Casgrain, its affiliates (as defined in section 251 of the Income Tax Act of Canada) and its officers, directors or employees may from time to time, have in their investment accounts, long or short positions of securities mentioned on this Website.

Moreover, in its commercial activities, Casgrain may act as financial advisor or underwriter for some issuers mentioned on this Website and receive remuneration for the same.

Notice to Website users
Canada - Any Canadian wishing to effect a transaction or to obtain any further information on any financial product or service discussed herein should contact a representative from Casgrain & Company Limited.

United-States - Any US person wishing to effect a transaction or to obtain any further information on any financial product or service discussed herein, should contact a representative from Casgrain & Company (USA) Limited.

Casgrain  Provided Information
Information provided by Casgrain on this Website is believed reliable when posted.

However, information, such as technical information for bid and ask prices, quotations or any other information comprising figures, is subject to bona fide error from Casgrain.

The user of this Website must always verify the accurateness, the correctness and the completeness of any information herein published before acting or omitting to act on any part of such information.

Furthermore, the user of this Website should be aware that any financial information on this Website can rapidly become inaccurate because of changes in interest rates, exchange rates, market volatility or any other economic factors.

Consequently, any forward-looking strategies or economic projections on this Website could not obtain expected objectives or financial results because of changes of economic and financial conditions globally, the political situation of a country or any other extraordinary event.

Casgrain shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by a user of this Website resulting from information turned out inaccurate or from typographical errors published on this Website.

Changes to Information
Changes may be made by Casgrain, at any time and without prior notice, to the information contained on this Website.

Financial Data Feed services
Casgrain may provide on its Website, as a convenience for the users, financial data independently developed by external third parties.

Casgrain does not endorse any financial data, having not investigated or verified and having no control over any such information; consequently, Casgrain shall not be held responsible for the inaccuracy of a data provided.

Disclaimer (correctness of the information)
Information provided on this Website is believed to be from a reliable source; however, Casgrain does not guarantee in any whatsoever way, the quality, the compliance, the correctness or the completeness of such information.

Moreover, Casgrain has no obligation to bring any correction or to update any inaccurate information on this Website.

Finally, Casgrain shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by a user, arising from information supplied by this Website, even though the information may be false or inaccurate.

Disclaimer (correctness of the information)
Casgrain advises users to seek an advice from an investment advisor before completing a transaction to ensure the suitability of a transaction.

Casgrain shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by a user of this Website resulting from a transaction based on information appearing on this Website.

Casgrain will never ask its customers to provide it, via Internet or this Website, confidential information regarding its personal data, accounts or transactions.

Casgrain hereby advises its clients to never reveal or provide confidential information following the receipt of emails or text messages.

Casgrain does not endorse nor does it guarantee the information in any hyperlinked site accessible from this Website. These hyperlinks are provided to users of this Website only as a convenience, and consequently, Casgrain is not responsible for its content.

This Website and its contents are the property of Casgrain. All rights reserved. It is strictly forbidden for any user of this Website to reproduce in any manner whatsoever, any part of this Website, without prior expressed consent of Casgrain.

Website under the jurisdiction of the Canadian laws
Canadian laws apply to this Website. Any user, notwithstanding its residence or its physical location when using this Website, is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Quebec, in Canada, regarding any legal matter related to it.

No legal relationship
Use of this Website does not create any legal binding relationship between the user and Casgrain, and does not modify any preexisting legal relationship.

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