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Are you looking for a truly unique opportunity? Casgrain offers you to be part of a team that operates within a dynamic environment that presents many interesting characteristics:


  • Specializes in the Canadian fixed income market;
  • Provides the opportunity to exchange ideas daily with management and benefit from their professional expertise; 
  • Continues to grow regardless of the economic cycle;
  • Encourages information sharing;
  • Boasts an experienced and knowledgeable professional team;
  • Has a flexible corporate structure that rewards innovation;
  • Benefits from a centralized decision-making process; and
  • Offers interesting potential for young professionals who are not afraid to be given responsibilities from the onset.


“Over the course of my first year, I gained valuable knowledge and experience as I was constantly surrounded by seasoned professionals willing to take the time to explain the intricacies of an ever-changing market. You really feel part of a team working towards a common goal that benefits all.”  - Jérôme Lessard, Assistant Vice-President, Trading. (with Casgrain since 2008)

“Working for the largest independent fixed income investment dealer in Canada has been a privilege and I am proud of being associated with a team and a firm that has persevered over the years. I look forward to the next 20 years.” - Stéphane Crevier. Vice-President  & Comptroller (with Casgrain since 1995)

“Casgrain provides a wonderful working environment that fosters creativity and entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to see their colleagues succeed. The potential is unlimited, but dependent on a strong work ethic and a desire to make a difference.” - Stephen McHarg. Associate Director, Capital Markets. (with Casgrain since 2001)

“I am very grateful for the last six years at Casgrain, and looking forward for many years to come. The company provides a great learning yet challenging environment, being constantly surrounded by knowledgeable colleagues that are always available to help.” - Rami Bach. Assistant Vice-President, Institutional Sales. (with Casgrain since 2010)



Although there are currently no specific opportunities available, Casgrain is always looking for qualified professionals that are ready to succeed.