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Our team


Casgrain's success can be attributed to the talent and professionalism of its entire team. Although specific individuals may be dedicated to each client, Casgrain’s philosophy is team-based. The combined expertise of its professionals is the firm’s driving force.

Casgrain's sales team, traders and government & corporate finance professionals, are encouraged to pursue the CFA designation as well as graduate degrees such as an MBA, a MSc., and even a Ph.D.

Our entire team is located in a single head-office in Montreal, making members easily accessible and ensuring continuity of client coverage. The atmosphere created by having one central office promotes an environment that encourages open communication and allows the team to present a well-rounded view, without regional barriers. From this office, Casgrain services its clients across Canada, and parts of the US through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Casgrain & Company (USA) Limited.

The average number of years worked at Casgrain was in 2016 greater than 15 years. This illustrates commitment and continuity.