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Our Firm

We are proud entrepreneurs who have above all, built and maintained an impeccable reputation in the Canadian fixed income markets.​We have distinguished ourselves from our peers as being privately-owned with many of our professionals as shareholders.

We have grown organically since our inception. We are almost exclusively focused on the fixed-income market and aim to grow within this sphere of activity.


Our values

1. Ethics. Ethics represent a great deal more than a legal or moral concern. It transposes into a conviction which is at the very foundation of our philosophy and identity.

2. The client is always first. Because after all, we are working for our clients: they are the reason we even exist.

3. Team work. The Company has a strong culture of team-work, that transpires on the daily operations, and on the organizational structure. Through the development of an open and centralized workspace environment, with as little formal chain of command as possible, we stimulate a collaborative system that is both dynamic and unconventionnal. Even if the business is divided into specific functions, the various teams constantly collaborate. Everyone is encouraged to participate on a broader level, to more than their respective tasks. The synergistic expertise of all of our seasoned professionnals  represents Casgrain’s biggest asset.

4. A project beneficial to all. We are above all rewarded by our clients’ recognition of our efforts, our reputation, and the pride they fill us with. We strongly believe that by respecting the three previous rules, and by staying true to our vision, that all parties will come out winners: clients, employees and company shareholders.