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Casgrain is the only Canadian privately-owned investment dealer that is a Primary Dealer of the Bank of Canada and as such, participates in all of the federal government’s bond auctions. A “brand” name in Canada’s fixed income landscape, Casgrain's market presence and strategic thinking has helped the firm establish long-term relationships with institutional investors, as well as provincial, municipal, and corporate debt issuers.



Most firms in the Canadian fixed income market are vertically integrated. Unlike many bank-owned dealers, Casgrain is not part of a financial institution with many competing interests. As one of the few independent investment dealers, Casgrain is known for its objectivity, its sense of ethics and the pertinence of its advice. By including Casgrain today as one of your partners, you have a strong alternative to bank-owned investment dealers.



Since its inception in 1947, Casgrain has consistently grown its business by offering innovative fixed-income products and services, enhancing institutional investor coverage, and participating in a growing number of debt underwriting syndicates. The ability to grow our business through difficult market cycles demonstrates our understanding of the Canadian bond market and highlights the role we play as the largest Canadian-owned independent fixed income investment dealer in Canada. With a focus on creating value for its clients, Casgrain prospers. Today, Casgrain offers many services to institutional investors and issuers in Canadian markets: 




At Casgrain, ethics represent a great deal more than a legal or moral concern. It transposes into a conviction which is at the very foundation of our philosophy and identity.  Our integrity, reputation, and high ethical standards reassure issuers and institutional investors that the services Casgrain provides are of the highest quality. We have always been in good standing order with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and all provincial regulators, and throughout the history of the firm, Casgrain has built and maintained an excellent reputation. We are proud to uphold a very strong code of ethics that underpins the core of what we stand for.



Over time, we have developed strong relationships with some of the largest issuers and institutional investors throughout Canada, and we have cultivated a niche market with small, medium and large size investors.

Casgrain has the ability to distribute issuers’ bonds across Canada and the US, the latter through its wholly-owned subsidiary Casgrain & Company (USA) Limited, and to support the bonds in the secondary market. This increased liquidity and transparency can help reduce an issuer’s borrowing costs in future debt financings and ensures that institutional investors are satisfied.



Casgrain has established an impeccable track record over the past 70 years in the Canadian capital markets, as demonstrated by the firm’s longevity, inclusion in multiple underwriting syndicates and established relationships with institutional investors and Canadian issuers. The Casgrain team boasts a valuable, in-depth knowledge of the markets and the debt instruments that are part of its coverage universe. Our clients benefit from our expertise in an environment of shared information, allowing them to better understand important issues with respect to specific securities.