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Casgrain is known for providing debt issuers with independent, insightful, and strategic thinking. The Capital Markets team works hand-in-hand with borrowing entities throughout Canada.


In this capacity, the team has many roles, some of which include:

  • Providing market expertise regarding the management of liability portfolios;
  • Originating, structuring and negotiating private placements;
  • Actively participating in underwriting syndicates;
  • Ensuring that issuers are kept abreast of current market conditions so that they may borrow in favorable conditions.


Participation in numerous underwriting syndicates has occurred largely in recognition of the firm’s expertise, its independence, as well as its advisory role and deep knowledge of the Canadian fixed-income markets. Moreover, its distribution capabilities with institutional investors of all sizes, and its ability to provide innovative solutions regarding capital projects and needs make it a logical partner of choice.


Casgrain’s Capital Markets team provides the following services:

  • Establishing optimal financing structures, including alternative financing strategies;
  • Providing hedging strategies that protect interest rate levels;
  • Assisting in implementing and executing the proper pricing strategy;
  • Identifying  terms and conditions for an issuer’s financing as well as the most favorable market timing;
  • Assisting by providing regular updates following the launching of fixed income issues;
  • Negotiating key bond covenants;
  • Assisting in hosting roadshows and setting up one-on-one presentations for key investors.