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As the largest Canadian-owned independent investment dealer that specializes in the fixed income market in the country, Casgrain & Company Limited ("Casgrain") aims to take advantage of its expertise in order to provide an independent and objective opinion in which you can place your trust.

Casgrain is first and foremost a group of experienced, passionate and entrepreneurial professionals who are deeply committed to their business and their clients. Our team will do its utmost to maintain the highest standards of service, as it has since 1947.

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Sales & Trading
The Sales and Trading team provides investment ideas to institutional investors and executes their trades.
Through its affiliates, Casgrain can extend its services to US investors and can also provide portfolio management services.
Capital Markets
Casgrain is known for providing debt issuers with independent, insightful, and strategic thinking. Our Capital Markets team works hand-in-hand with borrowing entities throughout Canada.
Government financing
Casgrain has the distinct honor of being a member of the group of investment dealers participating in the financing of every Canadian province and of several municipal borrowers. Casgrain’s reach spans across Canada.
Corporate financing
Casgrain has, throughout the years, forged strong long term relationships with a number of corporations which, in recognition of the value brought forth by our firm, have opted to include Casgrain in their debt underwriting syndicates.
Structured Financing
Our focused expertise and solid reputation helped us develop a new and distinct clientele of investors in higher yielding securities.
Project Financing
Casgrain has participated as bond underwriter or agent in numerous project financings across Canada since 2009.